Where do you live?

What stores are you going to today or do you frequent the most?

How much money do you normally spend in Jeffersonville when you do shop?

How often do you shop in Jeffersonville?

What new stores/services would you like to have in Jeffersonville that are not presently here?

Which of the following items do you feel would make it more desirable for you to shop in Jeffersonville?

Where do you do a large share of your shopping?

Which Jeffersonville businesses have YOU shopped at?

How strongly do you feel about shopping locally?

What would make you shop locally more?

What is your age?

Number of persons in your household?

What community do you usually do most of your daily/weekly shopping at for such things as food, clothing, household goods?

What community do you usually visit for dining and entertainment?

Have you shopped in Jeffersonville within the last month? If so, how many times?

Would you consider shopping in Jeffersonville if there were more:

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